Sunday, April 15, 2012

Selling your stuff

You can make extra money by selling the stuff just laying around your house, in your attic, your closet or where ever you store the things you no longer use and that is just taking up space in you home.

Times are hard so people are looking to buy used products why not let them buy yours, its a great way to get your house cleaned.  If you make crafts you could also sale them to.  Your just need to find the right places to sale your old treasure's.

I have composed this list of places you can make extra money at by selling your unwanted or unused belongings, if you know of other places or way's that you can sale your stuff   please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a yard sale
Lets start out with the obvious why not have a yard sale. Gather all that stuff in your home, put some price tags on it then post an advertisement in you local news paper and maybe a few signs around your neighbor hood. Set up some table's in your front or back yard make sure you keep it organized and get yourself a good safe place to keep the money you will be making.  The early bird gets the worm so make sure you are set up by at least 7am that's when most of the  spenders are out looking for the good stuff.

Rent out a booth at the flee market
Have you ever been to a flee market?  It's a huge yard sale party. They supply the place and customers so it will cost you a small fee to sale your stuff,  But it might be worth it because flee markets have big crowds.  Flee markets are also a good place to sale your crafts.

I don't think there are to many people that have not heard of E-bay, people sale every thing and I do mean every thing on E-bay.  It's not hard to get started with selling on E-bay.  All you need to do is set up your account, verify you identity, choose your payment method then you are off. You should also set up a paypal account to have your funds sent to.  E-bay does charge a fee to sale on their site.  You should check out the Q and A to find out about the fee's they charge.

Amazon is mostly known for selling book's but they have a lot of other thing's listed also.  Most of their products are new or gently used. Just set up your account, list your product to sale and you are on your way to make extra money. Amazon does not charge you a fee until your item sales. 

Market place on Facebook
Did you know that you can sale your stuff on facebook?  What can't you do on facebook. If you don't have an facebook account which I don't think I can think of one person that don't.  Go make yourself an account, find the facebook market place take some pictures of your products you want to sale then post them add a description and you are done. 

Don't think there are to many people that have not looked around on craigslist.  You can sale anything on this site.  Just be careful of how you make the exchange of your product with your buyer, I don't advise meeting in your home. You have to set up an account in order to advertise on the site.  Make sure you take some good pictures of your stuff and write up a good description.

That's all I got for now on way's to sale your stuff in order to make extra money, if you know of more like I said before please share them in the comments.

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